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Tips for sewing PUL fabric

Sewing with PUL fabric can take a little getting used to, but you will soon find it easy.  For diapers, putting the laminated or "sticky" side of the PUL fabric down towards your machines feed dogs works best.  For covers with two PUL layers or wet bags this isn't possible.  Below are three easy ways to make even these projects simple! 

1.  Buy a walking foot or teflon foot.  Some machines may have these included, so check your accessories.  If not, you can generally find them at a sewing machine shop for $25 -$40 depending on your model.  This foot will act like the feed dogs and feed the fabric evenly.

2.  Lay a strip of tissue paper, paper towel, or other thin paper over the section you are sewing.  Once you are done sewing, just tear it off.

3.  Use a strip of PUL as binding.  Just fold it over the seam and straight stitch or zig zag in place.  It's simple, makes the bag more waterproof, and looks very neat when complete.

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