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Free Tapered Pouch Sling Pattern Diaper Fabric > Free Tapered Pouch Sling Pattern
Free Tapered Pouch Sling Pattern-
Free Tapered Pouch Sling Pattern

In our house, life without our pouch sling is just not pleasant.  Even as I write this, at 5 months pregnant, I still carry my 15 month old regularly.  She loves to be up close to me and to watch what I am doing as I make dinner, clean, or just go about my day.  Making your own is pretty easy, and a fun fast project that can easily be completed during naptime.  When you're done, your little one will be so happy to be able to snuggle up next to you and you'll be thrilled to have your hands free!

This design features a tapered shoulder for less bulk and a comfortable fit.  It is perfect for the hip carry and still works well for other carries. 

Materials- Up to 2 yds of a heavier (bottomweight) stretch woven fabric.  I prefer 97% cotton and 3% spandex bottomweight.  You can usually find this easily at your local fabric store, sometimes even on clearance!  Polar fleece works nicely too, and is very breathable. 

Measuring- This can be tricky, especially when you're measuring yourself.  The key to a comfortable pouch sling is a good fit, and that is all based on correct measurements.  I measure starting at my bra strap on the shoulder I will be wearing the sling.  From there I stand up nice and straight and measure to the opposite hip, about where I would put my hand if I was standing with my hands on my waist.


  1. Add 5" to your measurement.  Cut a rectangle that length from your fabric and 22" wide (usually 1/2 the width of your fabric.)  Be sure the stretch of the fabric is across the width of the fabric. Fold in half again so you have a long thin rectangle.

Celtic Cloths Pouch Sling 1

  1. At the shorter raw end, mark 3" from the edge. Pouch Sling Step 2
  2. Cut an angle from the raw edge to that mark.  (Round off the point to make folding over easier later.) Pouch Sling Step 3
  3. At the other end, mark a spot 7" from the bottom fold of the rectangle.
  4. Cut from this mark to the far raw edge.  Towards the folded edge, make your cut at less of an angle to make folding over easier later. Pouch Sling Step 4 Pouch Sling Step 4a
  5. Unfold your funky rectangle and fold over both long edges.  Sew a straight seem 1/4" from the edge on both sides, then fold over again and sew another seam. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  6. Beginning on the shorter raw edge with the WRONG sides together, stitch a seam 1/4" from the edge. Pouch sling step 6
  7. Turn the pouch inside out, and sew another seam, enclosing the raw ends of the fabric as shown in the picture below. Pouch French Seam
  8. Finally, unfold the pouch at the seam.  Fold over the fabric flat to one side and stitch it down.  This method provides not only a nice clean look, but also a very strong seam that can hold the weight of your baby securely.
Pouch Sling Step 8

You're done!  Now you have a one of a kind, handmade pouch that you and your baby can enjoy.  The tapered end goes on your dominant shoulder and the seamed end holds your baby comfortably and securely.   

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