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Free Changing Pad Cover Pattern Diaper Fabric > Free Changing Pad Cover Pattern
Free Changing Pad Cover Pattern-Changing table cover
Free Changing Pad Cover Pattern

I love our contour changing table pad, but the plastic is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  It also tears very easily!  This solution is perfect.  The fabric is soft and washable, but doesn't get stained like the terry covers I had tried.  I have used PUL, but you can also use fleece or any fabric your imagination prefers.  Minky would be dreamy!

For this project you will need one yard of your choice of fabric, in this case I used PUL, and 3 feet of 3/8th in braided elastic.

You can download the end piece pattern here.  Please email me if you have any difficulty downloading the end piece pattern.

  1. Measure your pad to be sure this pattern will fit.  It should be 31" long and 26" wide.  Do not count the end pieces when measuring length, but do on the sides when measuring width.
  2. Cut out one rectangular piece of your fabric measuring 29" wide by 34" long.
  3. Cut the end piece according to the pattern on the fold.
  4. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and mark the middle.  6" from each edge, cut three release cuts almost to the seam allowance of 5/8ths of an inch.
  5. Match the mark on the end piece to the corner of the rectangle on the short end.  Begin sewing the two pieces together.
  6. When you reach the release cuts and the corner of the end piece, stop sewing with the needle down.  Carefully move the needle up a little while still through both layers of fabric.  Turn the end piece 90 degrees so it lines up the the edge of the rectangle again.
  7. Continue sewing, easing the end piece curve to match the straight edge of the rectangle. 
  8. When you reach the next corner and release cuts, repeat step 6.
  9. If the fabric is something that will fray, overlock or turn under 1/4" and straight stitch around the entire cover.
  10. Apply the elastic close to the edge with a zig zag or 3 step elastic stitch.  Trim excess fabric and turn.

Done!  The corner turn can be a bit tricky, but this project is fast and simple.  Easily completed in a naptime, my favorite kind of project.  Now you have a functional, attractive cover for your boring old white changing pad.

999 in stock

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