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Our PUL fabrics are high quality 100% polyester laminated with a polyurethane film in a high heat industrial process.  This creates a soft, stretchy and comfortable fabric suitable for many uses.  PUL fabrics are 100% waterproof and able to withstand washing in hot water and high heat drying over the life of your diapers.  PUL fabric will never crack, wrinkle, or fade.  

PUL Fabric was originally developed to be used in hospitals as a waterproof barrier.  Don't be mislead by other websites' claims that PUL will wear out after 20 or 100 washings.  This fabric was designed to be autoclaved, meaning sterilized in a high heat.  We recommend drying all your PUL fabric items on high heat.  This helps the laminate to keep the best seal to the fabric.

1 MIL PUL Fabric
1 MIL PUL Fabric
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2 MIL PUL Fabric


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